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Metropolitan commissioned us to direct, film and edit a series of episodes as part of their Mzansi Class Series Vodcast. Metropolitan shared these episodes to help their audience overcome loss together. Watch the Mzansi Class Of 2021 episodes below as we share stories to learn, grow, and inspire each other to go into 2021 stronger. 

Powered by Agent Orange Design, Directed & Produced by Brandon Barnard Photography.


Online Distribution


All 3 episodes were distributed online via Metropolitan's social media platforms in order to share tools and stories people can relate to and learn from. 






15 000+ VIEWS

Graphics & Animations

As part of our post-production, we created intro and outro graphics that introduced the theme of each episode.


The hashtag #WeStart2021Stronger was a strong message that Metropolitan wanted to use to bring on a sense of community and that no one is alone in their journey.

Intro Logo Animation

Outro Logo Animation

Intro Title Slide

Outro Title Slide

The Cast

It was important to find the right cast that the audience would relate to. They shared their personal stories and how they learnt from the lessons presented to them in 2020.


We brought on clinical psychologists to give our viewers insight into how they could overcome challenges in their own lives.


Dr. Musa Mthombeni


DJ Tira




Rami Chuene


Thabo Matime


Thabang tlaka


Episode 1 | #WeStart2021Stronger

The very first Mzansi Class of 2021 discussion, where Dr Musa Mthombeni, Somizi and, Thabang Tlaka Clinical Psychologist share, support and help us all deal with loss.


Our goal was to ensure the message of dealing with loss was communicated clearly. The set styling was important to visually communicate a safe place and put our guests as well as viewers at ease.

This was achieved with the use of lighting, colours, and textiles used throughout the set. 

Watch Here

Episode 2 | #WeStart2021Stronger

Episode 2 focused on the financial lessons we can learn from and plans we can all put in place to start 2021 stronger.


The vodcast featured Dr. Musa Mthombeni, DJ Tira and Thabo Matime, the Head of Market Access.


The tone of this episode took on a slightly more formal approach due to the topic of discussion. The lighting was consistent to match the first episode. Furthermore, colour grading was applied in post-production to ensure the look and feel were consistent.


Watch Here

Episode 3 | #WeStart2021Stronger

In the final episode, discussions were based on physical and mental well-being and overcoming obstacles to face the new year stronger.


The episode featured Rami Chuene, Dr Musa Mthombeni and psychologist Thabang Tlaka.


All 3 vodcasts focused on a talk show feel. This translated to the audience as an open discussion where not only could they learn but also feel they could be part of it. Relating to the stories that we're told is important to carry on the message long after the vodcasts were completed.


Watch Here

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